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Since 1948 KURZ cultivates a savoir-faire and expertise in natural diamonds from legitimate sources.

We specialize in diamonds cut to perfection and of utmost brilliance, sparkle, light distribution and fire.

Hearts and Arrows diamonds are precision-cut round diamonds. Because of their exact angles and symmetry, they show a hearts and arrows pattern.

An ideal cut diamond that has the Hearts and Arrows (H&A) label is considered a masterpiece of diamond cutting.

Only very few of the world‘s diamonds are cut to Hearts & Arrows optical symmetry precision.
This is in large part due to the greater amount of rough diamond that necessitates additional polishing to create diamonds with this precise optical symmetry.
The precise cut of a Hearts & Arrows diamond creates a unique, romantic facet pattern. Viewed through its pavilion, the stone shows a circle of hearts. And through its crown, it reveals arrows

The Hearts & Arrows cut is rated on a scale from excellent to ideal plus (the most symmetrical).
The diagram below depicts a symmetrical
Hearts & Arrows cut:

Excellent Hearts & Arrows Cut
Certified by GIA

The Queen of Hearts & Arrows solitaire by KURZ
is offered in different diamond sizes with GIA certificate and separate Hearts & Arrows
Excellent Cut certificate by KURZ starting from
0.50 ct G SI1 / from CHF 5450